25 Years and Beyond

As promised from day one, personal service and quality will never be compromised.

With markets expanding domestically and overseas, production updates which have been carried out have created an ultra modern dedicated equine facility.

Plant updates include:  

• A new extruder facility to handle increased production  

• Automatic batching which guarantees precision in batching  

• New laboratory aimed at improving Quality Assurance standards  

• Automatic packaging improving presentation and traceability  

• SAP accounting fine tuning costing and reporting  

All have been installed and are fully operational.

The utilisation of Equilize Horse Nutrition’s expertise has ensured a strong technical base for Pryde’s EasiFeed. Equilize Horse Nutrition has brought a new dimension to our business in terms of providing the latest nutrition research and precision in formulating rations.

For the first time all our EasiFeed brochures will demonstrate available lysine and methionine values, which is a direct indicator to quality of protein.

Today too many businesses lose their personal touch and compromise quality. Interactive diets, emails, mobile phones and on farm visits when requested, are all part of Pryde’s life, making sure that you, our customers, are achieving the results you are looking for.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom and let’s see where the next 5 years take us.





Peter Pryde, BSc  
Managing Director  
Pryde’s EasiFeed®