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Report: Anne-Marie Styles
Friday, 11 March 2011

Hi Everyone

Well February has been an extremely action packed month for me with lots of different things going on! The horses are all going really well and it is great to have Pete (As You Like It) back in action and feeling very well. I went to a local one day event in early February with Leo (Leo Getz) and was for the most part pleased with how it went. Leo is quite a cheeky character and he generally prefers it when he is the one calling the shots....particularly when we are out in public! This year he is seemingly growing in maturity though,  and I was very pleased with his dressage and cross country. The show jumping was a little interesting...while the majority of it was good, he decided to have a good go at ditching me as we past the in gate! Fortunately he was not successful and we managed to finish the course without further drama....although we picked up a few time faults as a result!

My sister’s wedding was held at our family farm in mid February, and we all spent a lot of time and energy getting the property ready for the occasion. It was all worth it in the end as we got a fantastic day with the sun shining and everything went according to plan with everyone looking gorgeous and having a wonderful time. We were all left reflecting on how strange it seems when you spend so long preparing for something for it to be over so quickly!

The following weekend I was at Rotorua Horse Trials, and it was Pete’s first outing since he knocked his leg back before Adelaide. Pete was thrilled to be back out and about and did not disappoint, winning the dressage and show jumping well...if a little exuberantly! He felt fantastic on the cross country, but I just took him slowly and we finished 6th. Leo was also very good, putting in a lovely dressage test and improving jumping performances to finish 4th in his class.

This weekend we head to Puhinui, (amidst going to another good friends wedding)! All going well, Pete and I will then head down to the Kelt Capital  Horse of the Year Show in Hastings to contest the CIC*** and some show jumping classes. Really looking forward to it!




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Report: Anne-Marie Styles
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Report: Anne-Marie Styles
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