Look at Bek O'Connor and Mannabon's great results after using EasiPrep Concentrate and EasiResponse


Hi Ron,

About 6 weeks ago I spoke to you about swapping to Pryde’s feeds to pick up the condition of my mare (thanks to Diane from Yeppoon Stock Feeds) and you recommended EasiPrep Concentrate and EasiResponse.




Mannabon__Dec_2010_when_I_first_got_her Mannabon__Feb_11__the_day_I_started_her_on_Prydes Mannabon__Apr_2011_after_being_fed_Chaff_Polished_Prep_Concerntrate__Response_for_6_weeks

Mannabon – Dec 2010, when I first got her

Mannabon – Feb 11 – the day I started her on Pryde’s, after another product was not picking her up

Mannabon – Apr 2011, after being fed Chaff, Polished, Prep Concerntrate & Response for 6 weeks

I am very happy with how she has picked up in the last 6 weeks.


Thank you

Kind Regards

Bek O’Connor