Michelle Lang & 'Lilly's' success with EasiPrep
Michelle Lang  Tilly with EasiPrep beforeresize





Michelle Lang  Tilly with EasiPrep afterresize

              'Lilly' before using Pryde's EasiPrep                                         'Lilly' after using Pryde's EasiPrep           

We were in a position where we were trying anything and everything and in bulk to put weight on our 2 year old filly WFS Diamond Lil aka Lilly. The stove was boiling barley every 2nd day, we had lupins, oats and extruded feeds, you name it. People didn't believe the quantities we were giving Lilly, so we were taking photos of that too. 

Anyway, we were at our local feed suppliers discussing what next! They did not have the whole Pryde’s range, but they did have brochure's for EasiPrep Concentrate. EasiPrep had very similar ingredients to what we were feeding and looked way yummier! So we ordered in 4 bags. 

We stopped the other feed regime and gradually started Lil on EasiPrep with Lucerne chaff. Feeding a way smaller quantity we noticed a massive difference within two weeks and haven't looked back. 

We have recently taken on a very thin Thoroughbred, he is on the same regime....we will keep you posted.

Best regards,
Michelle Lang

Michelle Lang  Tilly with EasiPrep winresize

'WFS Diamond Lil', aka 'Lilly' sashed Champion Intermediate

Derivative under 148cm (early March 2011)


(Photo's by Danna Lingard)