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Report: Karen Spencer
Friday, 11 November 2011

Dear Pryde's,


September update for EBL San Sevita

September has seen EBL San Sevita commence her saddle career after being broken in December 2010.

On the 25th September we competed at the Redlands and Southern Districts Equestrian Group Dressage Pink My Ride competition. Sevita was 2nd in the preparatory 3 test and 1st in the preparatory 4 test with a percentage of

68.57 (70% received from one judge). EBL San Sevita was the Champion Preparatory horse and in addition to this award received the highest percentage of the day.

Last weekend saw us competing at the Park Ridge Adult Riding Group Ribbon Day where she won the preparatory four test and was 2nd place in the preliminary 1C class.

In the next few months we plan to compete in several dressage competitions in the local area and continue with our training in preparation for the 2012 competition season.

Thank you.                                                                    

Kind Regards,

Karen Spencer                                                         





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