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Report: Chris Chugg
Tuesday, 13 January 2009
May, June and July 08
Sorry for the long delay in reports, I took my laptop away in good faith, only to have Word lock down and refuse to let me change any old docs, or create new ones!
Well the adventure is nearly over. Vivant and Chris are officially travelling reserves for the Australian Jumping Team and head to Hong Kong tomorrow from quarrantine in Holland.
Vivant thrived in Europe. Although I am sure he missed his paddock. the hard work and competition schedule has Vivant looking an absolute treat, hard muscled and very fit. Luckily there was a tonne of EasiPerformance at Gilberts that Laurie had sent over fro Dan. Dan had an ulcer and wasn't eating much at all so we started Vivant on it straight away.
Vivant travelled very well and a couple of small shows to bed him back into competition saw lots of clear rounds and good training opportunities.
The first official Olympic Qualifier at Pozheim Three Star show started well with a good four fault round, the seond qualifier was very disappointing to all concerned. Vivant grabbed the bit, literally, and Chris was a little out of control... and uncharacteristic 12 fault round left us all blue about the situation.
In between the two Olympic Qualifiers, we did some bridle and bit experimentation, and a third in the Grand Priz at Bremen was the result. A snaffle with hackamore is now his new running gear. It paid off at the second Olympic Qualifing show at Aach Three Star, with a 4 fault round in the first event and an excellend double clear round in the Grand Prix and 4th place. He was proving he could mix it with the best!
He had a weekend off to rest and then went to Hagen where he won both his classes.
The following weekend was Weisbecq Three Star in Belgium, good rounds in the Grand Prix Qualifiers and then 10th in the Grand Prix.
Gera International followed. A win in the first qualifier, 15th in the second and another 10th in the Grand Prix.
The final show of the run was the Spangenburg Three Star. A great run in the first qualifier for 5th placing, 10th in th second qualifier and then in teh richest Grand Prix so far on the tour a very good 4th placing with double clear rounds. So the tour finished on a high.
Vivant came away from home a wee bit lacking in experience, especially with the whole EI saga, but will come home a much more seasoned and mature jumper.
We would like to take this oportunity to thank you all very much for your ongoing support, It is a great relief to have been able to run Vivant on the Prydes product throughout the whole campaign.
The final chapter starts next week in Hong Kong, the 'friendly' is on the 11th and the trot up a couple of days later, then the final team of 4 is announced. If there is a problem with a team horse, then Vivant will be called up to a team position. While it is not a nice situation to be it, waiting for someone else's dream to end, we will have Vivant ready and fit - just in case!

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